The Perky Collar

The Perky Collar

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The Perky Collar is quite simple. It is designed to stop droopy and saggy collars from ruining your professional appearance. 

To use the Perky Collar follow these simple steps: 
Step 1: Raise the dress shirt collar. 
Step 2: Add the Perky Collar with the tapered ends on top, closest to your chin. 
Step 3: Lower your dress shirt collar on top of the Perky Collar. 
You are all set. 

Once installed, you may want to adjust it so that it is evenly distributed around your collar. Due to the curvature of the device and the dress shirt collar being placed on top of it, the Perky Collar will stay in place all day without any adhesives or attachments. 

Please remove the Perky Collar before washing or laundering the shirt. Please use the Perky Collar in addition to collar stays to maximize the collar's quality appearance. Please store the Perky Collar in your home and away from extreme temperatures when not wearing it.

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